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 Protection Equipment
 Add: No.555 Shihpai Changfa
 Road Bacheng Town Kunshan City
 Jiangsu Province
 Protection Equipment
 Add:No.15 Xiangshan Avenue
 Shenzhen Luotian Baoan
 District Songgang Luotian
 Town Village third industrial zone
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     Kunshan Ling is Electrical Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd., Ltd. was founded in 1969 by the Japan Nagoya RYOSEI Investment Co., Ltd. was established and has been more than 40 years of history. Is a set of planning and design, development, and manufacturing, sales and service into an integrated production-oriented enterprises. It is mainly the professional to undertake various types of air pollution control engineering, vacuum cleaners, dust collection machines, central vacuum systems, exhaust gas treatment, water-cooled incinerator dust collection works, plant room ventilation works, and so a range of environmental equipment, etc. In the printed circuit board industry (PCB), electronics, metal industry, chemical industry, rubber industry, ceramics, wood products industry, steel industry, textiles, plastics industry, the foundry industry and other industries to achieve excellent results, and get customers the same recognition and good reputation.

     Company with decades of professional practical experience, innovative engineering and production staff and technical personnel, have a sound management system and service team, It is currently one of the few able to self-provision of the whole factory planning and design, research and development production, installation and full after-sales service, etc. technical service and trustworthy vendors; and throughout the country and Southeast Asia reached a staggering performance. In order to meet the large number of enterprises and the general user needs.

    The company has in April 2000 set up a company in China Dongguan, Guangdong
    In July 2002 setting up a company again in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province
    In January 2005 set up a company in mainland China, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

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